In everyone’s life there are moments that can alter us in ways we never imagined. Everything we do in life has a story and leads us on a path.

Let Rabbi Avi join you and your loved ones for these moments and let him help you start on the righteous path.



All art above is created by Rabbi Avi.

Available for purchase. Commemorate your life changing event happy or sad with a beautiful work of art.

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Birth: Le da

Baby Naming: Brit Milah, Simchat Habat, Brit Habat or Zeved Habat
Rabbi Avi is available at the time of birth and for the baby naming ceremonies.
The circumcision must be performed by a Mohel, this is not a service Rabbi Avi can perform. However, you may wish to have a professional cantor make the prayers and blessings as a beautiful cantorial and Rabbi Avi is more than happy to administer these onsite.

Redemption of the first born: Pidyon Haben
For this special ceremony a Kohen must be present which Rabbi Avi is not.
However, the traditional scriptures may be recited by a canter and Rabbi Avi would love to travel to your temple for this service.


Coming of age: Mitzvah

Confirmation: Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

Becoming a Mitzvah is an incredibly important step in a young person’s life.
Rabbi Avi will plan for your family every step of the way, from the consultation to the lessons, preparation and counseling of the young person to the Aliyah and Sabbath service to the celebration afterwards. Please see our
Bar/Bat Mitzvah link to read testimonies and details.



Engagement: Erusin or Kiddushin

Rabbi Avi can offer the engagement cedar with the Sephardic traditions during the ceremony. He will perform a cantorial while the gifts are passed around and the ring is given in front of family and friends.

 Marriage: Nissu’in, Chupah

On your special day every detail can be planned, pursued and produced by Rabbi Avi. On top of this, a cantorial with song of all the blessings will be sung in relation to the ancient traditions. The beautiful verses from Song of Songs in their special melodies will grace your blessed event. Please refer to our wedding page for more details.

Divorce: Shlom Bayit

In everyone’s lives there comes a time when the trials and tribulations seem too much to bear. Please do not consider yourself alone, please do not consider yourself helpless. Before you convince yourself that there are no options and that you are at the end of your rope, come to Rabbi Avi for Shalom Bayit (peace in the home) counseling. There are no guarantees in life, only two exist, the covenant between you make between God and your beloved. Rabbi Avi will  shake your foundations and see what the two of you are standing on. Rabbi Avi will give you food for though and tools to be each other’s helpers. Sometimes we need help and a reminder of what we are doing, let Rabbi Avi be this voice in your hearts.


End of Life

Death: yetziat neshamah
Burial: Kevura
Mourning: Shiva, yatom/yatmut (orphan)

During these times of torn cloth and ashes Rabbi Avi will come to your home, temple, synagogue, cemetery or anywhere else to bless you, your family, friends and members of the community with beautiful song to honor the deceased. If you have dreams of your own or would like to leave all the planning to Rabbi Avi, he will conform to your needs. Rabbi Avi will also provide for anyone end of life counseling and advising for those who have survived the deceased.

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